6420 The Cedars Court Cedar Hill, MO 63016

At Cedar Hill Family Medicine, we treat our patients with the same respect and care we show for our own families.  We know how important it is these days to provide health care that is effective and cost efficient.  We strive to help you understand your condition and the treatment you need to get well, and get on your way.

Our providers see patients of all ages to facilitate in diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions including, pediatrics, well adult care, geriatrics, sports medicine, anxiety/ depression, attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder, as well as, skin lesion removals, and Joint.

With our large group of providers we are able to offer same day appointments for your acute medical care needs, as well as, routine medical exams, prostate and female exams. If one of our physicians is not available, any one of our other physicians is glad to provide medical care in their absence.

Check back often to see what we have added to help you and your family live the healthy life you deserve.